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The Bespoke Terenure Dublin 6 Property Development Loan Note

Bespoke Trustees Limited is delighted to bring you a unique short term property development opportunity The Bespoke Terenure Dublin 6 Property Development Loan Note. The loan note offers short term return potential albeit with property development risk. Participators will provide a loan note to an SPV to purchase develop and sell 4 townhouses, 2 apartments and a commercial unit in central Terenure, Dublin 6. Anticipated timeframe is 12 – 18 months but may be shorter or longer depending on market conditions.

The Bespoke Terenure Dublin 6 Property Development Loan Note is approved for all Bespoke Self-Administered Pension structures. Bespoke will happily accept applications from other providers, but Self-Administered Pension holders with other trustees will have to go through the product vetting process with the relevant company concerned in order to invest in this product.

Please contact us if you have any interest.