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The Bespoke Tower Trade Supply Chain Finance Bond

Bespoke TTFI Supply Chain Finance Bond offers investors access to a trade finance asset class where each asset has a sum certain, date certain value with a clear maturity and also where each trade asset is 100% insured. This investment has a short time horizon of 3 years 3 months and offers and annual coupon of 5% per annum (16.25% gross return)

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Download Brochure Here

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Platform Charging Schedule

Platform Charging Schedule


The Bespoke Terenure Dublin 6 Property Development Loan Note

Bespoke Trustees Limited is delighted to bring you a unique short term property development opportunity The Bespoke Terenure Dublin 6 Property Development Loan Note. The loan note offers short term return potential albeit with property development risk. Participators will provide a loan note to an SPV to purchase develop and sell 4 townhouses, 2 apartments and a commercial unit in central Terenure, Dublin 6. Anticipated timeframe is 12 – 18 months but may be shorter or longer depending on market conditions.

The Bespoke Terenure Dublin 6 Property Development Loan Note is approved for all Bespoke Self-Administered Pension structures. Bespoke will happily accept applications from other providers, but Self-Administered Pension holders with other trustees will have to go through the product vetting process with the relevant company concerned in order to invest in this product.

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Wilton US Commercial Investment

Bespoke Trustees Limited promoted and distributed US property  investment “Wilton US Commercial” through its network of introducing intermediaries in July 2007. The investment was very well received by Irish investment intermediaries and their clients at a very challenging and closed on 25th June 2008, raising approximately $25m in investment funds. Since 2008 the fund has been managed very efficiently and has navigated a treacherous property market and made some very astute purchases. The investment is officially valued at 119% and is ideally placed to deliver substantial returns for investors.


To download the Wilton product brochure issued in 2007 click the icon

To download the latest Wilton update, December 2013 click here.

After Wilton US Commercial, Bespoke Trustees made the commercial decision to exit the property market for the period until better opportunities presented themselves. Bespoke’s management team have recently taken the decision to explore opportunities in this sector once again with a view to offering a suitably attractive opportunity to the broker market should a sufficiently attractive proposition materialise. Bespoke is currently evaluating numerous opportunities and hopes to be in a position to bring brokers an exciting proposition towards the end of Q3 2013.